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In your beach/ by the water photos, how do you get that strong dark aqua color? Same as how you get a grayish tint on your white wall photos? Is everything you do done with tone curve?

Asked by Anonymous

most of those adjustments are done with Capture One

I really hate it when my images are reblogged on to porn tumblrs. I shoot fashion / portraits not spank material. Its really annoying to see my images in a collection of girls showing their junk with guys junk on their bodies.

I appreciate the love, but please be considerate to the models and not have their images next to some amateur porn star.

- Yves

hi, could you show us your photoshop style/process? and what's your usual setup for the studio shots?

Asked by johnnyyliu

a simple trick i do is to keep the color balance on the cooler side, pull the reds slightly to introduce a slight greener tint, bring in blue shadows and yellow highlights. This is all done with curves. 

As far as studio setup goes, lately I keep it simple to just natural light coming in,

My typical “White Wall” setups are just a strobe with a bare reflector pointing directly at subject.

For moody one light studio shots I will use either a photek softbox or a diffused beauty dish.

do you promote the idea of photographing all body types? ex. curvier people? :-) Great photos, I love them all!!

Asked by Anonymous

I do I just don’t have many curvy models inquire to shoot. It’s more about the face than anything else for me. 

great blog! surname of Alexis please?

Asked by sjosp

thank you, that I cannot reveal but you can find her agency Hollywood Model Management

do you use VSCO filters?

Asked by ulyssesortega

I do not, VSCO filters seem to be ridiculously popular these days, but my color tweaking is done myself.